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7.50 Is it possible to make a career in the Church?

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Jesus called all leaders to be servants. We all have our own role to play, in accordance with Jesus’ calling. Therefore, a desire to make a career in the Church for your own sake is wrong. At the same time, we need ambition in order to achieve something for the Kingdom of God.

Andrew is one of the first Apostles, but always seems to be in the shadow of his brother Peter. In terms of career, Jesus chose Peter as leader of the Church over Andrew. But Andrew knew that God is calling people to high offices only to serve. It is the vocation of everyone to contribute what they can at their own level. If that is your ambition, you will do great in the Church!

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Saint Andrew the Apostle

The only career to desire is to be close to Jesus. Selfish desire to grow in importance is wrong. Everyone is called to live their own vocation to the full.