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7.52 How can I help people in need? Do I need to leave my country?

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If you pay attention, you will see how many people in your neighbourhood are in need of your help. You can go and chat with a lonely neighbour, bring some soup to an elderly lady, or help a homeless person. We all have a different vocation. but wherever you are, you can find many ways to help people in need. You can even join our enthusiastic team of online missionaries!

Sister Dulce saw the great poverty of the people in the neighbourhood around the convent where she lived. Her simple attempts to help some people eventually became one of the greatest charity organisations in Brazil. Are you ready to make a difference too?

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Saint Dulce Lopes Pontes

Look around and see how many people around you need help. Although some are called to missions abroad, most of us can do great works at home: a spirit of service and faith suffices.