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7.51 Do I need to become a priest or nun to become a saint?

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Everyone has their own vocation: God is calling every human being to a specific vocation that corresponds with how they are deep within themselves. You can become holy in any vocation, not only as a priest or nun! The main question to ask is: ‘What does God ask of me?’

Peter was a catechist in New Guinea. He was married and known for his clear and simple explanation of the faith. He protested when his people were forced to adhere to principles that were not Christian. This led to his death. Suzanne Aubert was an active sister (not a contemplative nun), who worked all her life for the wellbeing of people in New Zealand. They show how you can become holy in very different vocations!

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Blessed Peter To Rot

Venerable Suzanne Aubert

Everyone is called to become a saint, not only priests and religious. When you abandon your own desires, you can find your personal path to God. This will lead you to sainthood!