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7.7 I am a good person; why do I need God and religion?

God’s Will - #OnlineSaints

This is connected to the question ‘Why are we here?’. When you know that God created you out of love, this changes your entire perspective on life. It is great if you think you are a good person, but life is about being good in the eyes of God. Every good we do is a reflection of his love – whether you realise this or not.

Sister Maria Romero Meneses did a lot of good in her life. She helped poor families with food, clothing, and education. She even set up great charitable institutions that did lots of good. But for her all that was secondary to her relationship with God. In other words, it is precisely through her relationship with God that she was able to do so much good. The same is true for you!

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Blessed Maria Romero Meneses

Being good is not enough, for your life is not complete without God, the author of all goodness and love. Without him you cannot find the true happiness he intended for you.