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8.4 Can I ever learn to pray? Do I pray to get a good feeling?

Prayer - #OnlineSaints

It is easy to be discouraged when you see no direct results of your praying. But remember that praying is not about getting a good feeling and not even about getting what you want but growing in your relationship with God. It is okay if you struggle with your prayer, or when you have the impression that nothing happens: even the saints had that experience at times. Prayer is not first of all about what you get, but about dedicating time to God whom you love. Everyone can learn to pray!

Teresa was a beautiful and proud woman. She became a great reformer of her monastic order, focusing especially on the need to pray to Jesus as a great friend. Do you want to pray like this?

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Saint Teresa of Avila

Prayer is the result of a growing bond with Jesus. It is about much more than getting a good feeling: this is about your relationship with God. He alone suffices.