For true human fraternity

Januar 2022

The Pope's prayer intention (January 2022)

We pray for all those suffering from religious discrimination and persecution; may their own rights and dignity be recognised, which originate from being brothers and sisters in the human family.

Jesus is with those who are discriminated or persecuted!

It is terrible when people are being discriminated against or persecuted because of their faith. Just as no-one can be forced to love, no-one can be forced to go against their beliefs, whatever these may be. It is our Christian duty to stand up for anyone who is being discriminated or persecuted, and to promote religious freedom. If we ourselves are the victim of discrimination or even persecution, we can take heart in Jesus' promise to be with us in difficulties and inspire our rebuttal. Finally, the conviction that not we, but only the Holy Spirit can change people's hearts, helps us to be gentle missionaries, suggesting the faith we believe could improve the life of everyone, while not imposing anything. You may have many questions about this: the Tweeting with GOD app can help you find answers.


2.11 What are the origins of the Church? How did it all start?

2.12 One Church − then why all the division among Christians?

2.16 Was Jesus against women?

2.18 How did things proceed after Pentecost?

2.19 Why were Christians persecuted by the Romans?

2.31 Why were there violent Crusades?

4.1 Why are we here on earth?

4.7 Do Christians live differently from everybody else?

4.45 Is Catholic social teaching about caring for the poor?

6.12 What does the Bible say about discrimination? What is social justice? Can I be self-sufficient? Does God want us to be weak?

6.13 What are fundamental human rights? Should everyone have the right to practise any religion? How far should I adapt to minorities?

6.23 Can public officials wear religious symbols? May the state limit (religious) freedom? Could a Christian be a nationalist, defect or support another state?

7.59 What if people turn against me because of my beliefs?

7.60 How can I recognise God in every human being?

7.61 What should I do when I am persecuted for my faith?


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