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7.11 Can you ever become holy in the armed forces?

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Asking the question is giving the answer: you can become holy anywhere. But it would seem more difficult in the armed forces, where sometimes force is used to keep an unjust aggressor at bay. As long as your aim is to protect society, the weak and vulnerable in particular, a reasonable amount of force can be acceptable if this is the only way to do so.

After his service as a soldier, you could find Henri Dormer at the bed of the sick or the poor in his neighbourhood. He spent many nights in prayer, and loved to speak about the Gospel. Joan of Arc became a soldier after hearing God tell her to save the people of her country from oppression. Do you want to be like them and place God above everything?

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Saint Joan of Arc

Servant of God Henry Dormer

Also in the armed forces you can become holy, by growing in your relationship with God, seeking his Will in everything, and carefully listening to your conscience.