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7.28 If we cannot live in peace among religions, isn’t it better to have no religion at all?

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Blotting out religion would mean closing your eyes to the reality that God created the world. He wants us to live as loving brothers and sisters. Every form of violence, especially religious violence, goes against his love. But the answer is not atheism.

Communism claims that atheism will make people equal and free. Marije and Jerzy suffered horrific deaths at the hands of the communist regime when they did not want to give up their faith. But atheism makes people neither equal nor free. Only in God true freedom and equality can be found!

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Blessed Marije Tuci

 Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko

Both believers and atheists waged wars. No religion should preach violence, for God is love. Purging the world of religion would mean going against the truth that God wants to bring.