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7.46 Why should I give money to the Church? Is God interested in money?

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God has no need for money, and neither do we when we want to meet him. But as we are called to be part of society as Christians, we are in need of money as individuals and as a community. That is why it is a good custom to give money to the great variety of worthy causes of the Church. You could even click on the donate button on this page…

Father John was completely devoted to the wellbeing of the people in his parish. He daily spent hours in the confessional to forgive them their sins in God’s name. While he continued to live in poverty himself, he did ask his parishioners to give money to the Church. This was used to help the poor and to decorate the church beautifully in God’s honour. Do you want to contribute too?

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Saint John Vianney

God is interested in the sharing of his love, which can be helped by money. Jesus was also supported financially, and also today the Church can do much good with your money.