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7.47 Are women considered inferior to men in Christianity?

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God created both men and women. Each of the sexes has different qualities and gifts, strengths and weaknesses, while they are absolutely equal in value. Much still needs to be done to express this better in the Church’s organisation, with attention for the different vocations of every human being. Men cannot do everything women can (e.g. carry a child in their womb); nor can women do everything men are able to do.

Jesus made Mary Magdalene the first Apostle of the resurrection. She was one of the women who followed Jesus very closely during his life. She became a great missionary when she announced to the Apostles that Jesus was risen from the dead. Jesus showed that men and women have equal value, and that all are called to work for the Gospel. So are you!

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Saint Mary Magdalene

Women and men have equal importance in the eyes of God and the Church, and are called to be great apostles. Equal treatment is imperative, while recognising their different qualities.