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7.55 How can sacrificing my own wellbeing advance the sake of others?

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Helping someone else always means that we have to give something up: this can be your time, money, energy, possessions… Some people are called to do this in their daily lives at home. Others are called to give up everything to start a new life elsewhere in the service of God and fellow human beings.

Among the latter are Saints Damien and Marianne, who gave up everything they had and desired in order to do what they could to advance the situation of people suffering from leprosy in Haiti. While your vocation may be less drastic, you still are called to give something up in order to help others. Can you see that?

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Saint Damien of Molokai

Saint Marianne Cope

Sometimes the only way to improve the life of others is by forgetting about yourself and your own needs, living only to serve those in the periphery, just like Jesus did.