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7.54 I am trying to do God’s Will; why does so much seem to go wrong?

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Jesus does not promise that life with him will be easy. What he does promise is that your life will be very fulfilling, and that you will find true joy when you try to live as a Christian. You do so by continuing to invest in your relationship with him – even and especially when things seem to go wrong around you.

Pauline and Galvão became saints precisely by doing that. They did what they could to realise their own vocation. They had to face many difficulties, hardships and contrariness. The enemy of God tries to disturb our relationship with him. But when we stay close to Jesus, evil cannot overtake us. In spite of all the setbacks, they continued to search for and do the Will of God. You can do the same!

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Once you have discerned the Will of God, you may still face difficulties and opposition, just as Jesus did during his life. Be faithful and keep searching for God’s Will at every moment.