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8.29 How can I deal with grief? If God is love, where is he when people are in pain?

Desolation - #OnlineSaints

God did not create evil, and he suffers greatly when people are in pain. Jesus first of all spoke to the poor and marginalised when he announced the good news of God’s permanent love and presence. He has a deep compassion for those who are suffering. For example, he wept at the tomb of his friend Lazarus after speaking to his grieving sisters (John 11:17-36). 

Elizabeth lost her husband and their fortune. And when she became a Catholic, she lost her family and friends too. Knowing that God suffered with her, she responded to tragedy by helping found a school and pass the faith on to others. Do you want to be so strong in your faith?

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Saint Elizabeth Seton

God wants to be with you in your grief! Even when the cause is unknown, he wants to help you find consolation. Seek his Will for you now, and you’ll find peace.