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8.30 I am worried and desperate; is life always going to be such a challenge? How to stay motivated and avoid burnout?

Desolation - #OnlineSaints

We all are worried at times. But Jesus tells us that even in the worst circumstances there is no need to despair: he promised to be with us until the end of time, when our life with God in heaven will be perfect. Keeping this great future in mind may motivate you to make the best of your life in spite of all difficulties. Whatever happens, you are not alone, and there will be an end to every form of suffering! 

Saint Anthony had to give up his life’s dream to become a missionary because of serious health problems. In his suffering, he turned to God, and thus was able to see that only doing God’s Will in every circumstance could make him truly happy. Do you see how this can be true for you too?

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Surrendering to God’s love with all your heart is the best remedy against worries and desperation. Realise that you can only do so much, and leave the rest in God’s hands.