For families

June 2022

The Pope's prayer intention (June 2022)

We pray for Christian families around the world; may they embody and experience unconditional love and advance in holiness in their daily lives.

Why all this emphasis on marriage and the family?

Family is where we originate, where we grow up, where we learn to love and pray, where we become who we are. Good families are the cornerstones of our society. Families need our support and that of God, for love and faith help to face any difficulties. You may have many questions about this: the Tweeting with GOD app can help you find answers.



3.36 What is the effect of Baptism?

3.43 Why is marriage so important for Christians?

4.07 Do Christians live differently from everybody else?

4.19 Why all this emphasis on marriage and the family?

4.20 Is 'no sex before marriage' old-fashioned?

4.21 Why choose celibacy if people are made for marriage?

4.22 Is it bad that I struggle with chastity?

4.25 How does Natural Family Planning work?

4.26 When does human life begin?

4.32 What if people cannot have children?

6.09 Is population growth wrong? What is this 'integral ecology' really? Is true sustainability possible? Should I ditch my phone?

6.20 How are family, society and state related? Does social media disrupt families? Why should I care about world news if I already care for my neighbour?

7.19 How do I stand up for my faith with friends or family? At school or at work?

8.11 Why should parents baptise their children? Is it not better to let them decide for themselves later?

8.35 How do you get over a broken relationship? What to do with a broken heart?

8.36 How can I ever find the right partner?



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