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5.14 Is it not hypocritical to turn to God only in a crisis?

God and disaster

Maybe you are not so much of a believer in daily life. But now that things are turning grim you feel the need to turn to God. Please do so without fear and with all your heart! God is always here for you, he is waiting for you at this very moment. He is not interested in your missteps and sins: for him you are important because he loves you! He wants to forgive you all that may have happened. Just turn away from sin and embrace the joy of a life with God. This is the right moment!


You may think that you are too much of a sinner to turn to God. Then read the parable Jesus told his disciples about the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). He had everything and gave it all up, leaving his father behind for a life of sin. Only when disaster struck and he had nowhere else to go, he went back to his father. The father was looking out for him every day, hoping that his son returned. And instead of harsh words or punishment, there was celebration and feast because the lost child had returned. It will be the same for you when you (re)turn to God in a crisis!

God is always waiting for you! Do not hesitate to turn to him at any moment of your life, whatever you may have done wrong.