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1.35 If God is all-powerful, why do disasters happen? Why is there evil?

Evil and suffering

There is a difference between evil caused by people and other bad things like natural disasters. Man received free will from God, and he can make good or bad choices. If God would intervene, we would no longer be free!

Why natural disasters occur, and why God does not intervene to stop the horrible evil committed by some people, remains a mystery. It is, however, never a punishment from God, who is full of love. God commiserates with those who suffer and inspires people to help each other. If we cooperate with him, then evil can never have the last word.

Neither the world nor the people in it are perfect, hence bad things happen. God proves his omnipotence by bringing good out of evil.
This is what the Church Fathers say

Assuredly [God] is rightly to be called omnipotent, though he can neither die nor fall into error. For he is called omnipotent on account of his doing what he wills, not on account of his suffering what he wills not. [St. Augustine, The City of God, Bk. 5, Chap. 10 (ML 41, 152)]