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Prethodna:4.15 Tko je svetac?
Sljedeći:4.17 Kako se postaje svecem?

4.16 Kojem svecu da se molim? Ima ih tako puno!

Poziv na svetost

Mnogi sveci [> 4.17] svaki na svoj način, pokazuju koliko je velika Božja ljubav prema nama. Tijekom svog života imali su potpuno povjerenje u Isusa i zbog toga su nam postali primjer [> 4.15]. Sveci mole za nas na nebu i možemo tražiti njihovu molitvu.

Uzmimo za primjer svetu Lidwinu od Schiedama, svetu Ritu iz Cascie i svetog Antuna Padovanskog. Svaki od ovih svetaca služi nam kao primjer, svaki na svoj način. Njihova vjera i predanost Bogu omogućili su im da interese drugih postave iznad svojih. Na taj su način pokazali veliku ljubav prema bližnjemu [> 4,8].

>Pročitaj više u knjizi

Neki su sveci zaštitnici posebnih slučajeva i stanja. Slijedi njihov primjer te i ti postani svetac!
The Wisdom of the Church

What does the “communion of saints” mean?

The “communion of saints” is made up of all men who have placed their hope in Christ and belong to him through Baptism, whether they have already died or are still alive. Because in Christ we are one Body; we live in a communion that encompasses heaven and earth.

The Church is larger and more alive than we think. Among her members are the living and the deceased (whether they are still undergoing a process of purification or are already in the glory of God), individuals known and unknown, great saints and inconspicuous persons. We can help one another even beyond the grave. We can call on our patrons and favorite saints, but also our departed relatives and friends whom we believe are already with God. Conversely, by our intercessory prayer, we can come to the aid of our dear departed who are still undergoing purification. Whatever the individual does or suffers in and for Christ benefits all. Conversely, this unfortunately means also that every sin harms the communion. [Youcat 146]

What is the significance of receiving a name in Baptism?

Through the name that we receive in Baptism God tells us: “I have called you by name, you are mine” (Is 43:1).

In Baptism a person is not dissolved into an anonymous divinity, but rather is affirmed precisely in his individuality. To be baptized by a name signifies that God knows me, he says Yes to me and accepts me forever in my unrepeatable uniqueness. [Youcat 201]

Why should Christians choose the names of saints at Baptism?

There are no better examples than the saints and no better helpers. If my namesake is a saint, I have a friend with God. [Youcat 202]

This is what the Popes say

During the Liturgical Year, the Church invites us to commemorate a host of saints, the ones, that is, who lived charity to the full, who knew how to love and follow Christ in their daily lives. They tell us that it is possible for everyone to take this road... I must say that also for my personal faith many saints, not all, are true stars in the firmament of history... [The] goodness, which they have developed in the faith of the Church, is for me the most reliable apology of Christianity and the sign of where the truth lies. [Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience, 13 Apr. 2011]