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Попередній:3.12 Як я можу молитися Розарієм?
Наступний:3.14 Як я можу проводити час протягом адорації?

3.13 Що таке Літургія годин?

Форми молитви

Літургія годин — це набір молитов, якими звертаються до Бога в певний час доби, зокрема в монастирях. Ще євреї молилися на сході й заході сонця. До цих хвилин молитви християни додали інші щоденні молитви.
Літургія годин є хорошим способом цілком присвятити кожен день Богові. Ви можете молитися Літургію годин разом з іншими або наодинці; зрештою, Бог завжди поруч.

Літургія годин дозволяє Богу увійти в наш день із псалмами, які промовляються у визначений час. Її моляться священики, монахи, а може, і ви?
Мудрість Церкви

What is the Liturgy of the Hours?

The Liturgy of the Hours is the universal, public prayer of the Church. Biblical readings lead the person who prays it ever deeper into the mystery of the life of Jesus Christ. Throughout the world this gives the Triune God the opportunity at every hour of the day to transform gradually those who pray and also the world. The Liturgy of the Hours is prayed not only by priests and religious. Many Christians who take their faith seriously join their voices with the many thousands of praises and petitions that ascend to God from all over the world.

The seven “hours of prayer” are like a treasury of the Church’s prayers. It also loosens our tongues when we have become speechless because of joy, sorrow, or fear. Again and again one is astonished in reciting the Liturgy of the Hours: an entire reading “coincidentally” applies precisely to my situation. God hears us when we call to him. He answers us in these texts—often in a way that is so specific as to be almost disconcerting. In any case he also allows us to have long periods of silence and dryness so that we can demonstrate our fidelity. [Youcat 188]

What times are more suitable for prayer?

Any time is suitable for prayer but the Church proposes to the faithful certain rhythms of praying intended to nourish continual prayer: morning and evening prayer, prayer before and after meals, the Liturgy of the Hours, Sunday Eucharist, the Rosary, and feasts of the liturgical year. [CCCC 567]

When should a person pray?

From the earliest times Christians have prayed at least in the morning, at meals, and in the evening. Someone who does not pray regularly will soon not pray at all.

Anyone who loves another person and all day long never gives that person a sign of his love does not really love him. So it is with God, too. Anyone who truly seeks him will keep sending him signals of his longing for his company and friendship. Get up in the morning and give the day to God, asking for his blessing and to “be there” in all your meetings and needs. Thank him, especially at mealtimes. At the end of the day, place everything into his hands, ask him for forgiveness, and pray for peace for yourself and others. A great day—full of signs of life that reach God. [Youcat 499]

Ось що говорять про це Папи Римські

Серед форм молитви, які наголошують на Святому Письмі, безсумнівне місце займає Літургія годин. [Це] привілейована форма слухання Божого слова, оскільки вона приводить вірних до контакту зі Святим Письмом і живим Переданням Церкви... Літургія годин, як публічна молитва Церкви, формує християнський ідеал освячення цілого дня, позначеного ритмом слухання слова Божого та читання псалмів; таким чином кожна діяльність може возноситись як хвала принесена Богові. [Папа Бенедикт XVI, Verbum Domini, n. 62]