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5.2 Everything is uncertain: where can I find firm ground?

Living your faith in a time of crisis

It is very human to panic when everything you know seems to fall apart or disappear. However, Jesus made us a firm promise: “I am with you always, to the end of time” (Mt 28:20). Think of how the disciples panicked in their small boat during a storm, and how Jesus did the impossible: he calmed the storm and the sea was dead calm (Mk 4:35-41). And think of the house that was built on sand and was swept away by the waves (Mt 7:26-27). Jesus wants to be a rock for you, so you can build the house of your life on him (Mt 7:24-25). Built on such a strong foundation, the house will not fail, whatever happens. So, try to grow in your relationship with Jesus and thus find firm ground, even in time of crisis.

Jesus wants to be with you in this moment of uncertainty, to give you strength to face whatever happens. Obviously, you will need to do your bit to construct the house, even when a positive outcome may seem to be unlikely. For if you work hard to do what you can, you can then say with trust and conviction: “Over to you now, Jesus!”

Build your life on the strong rock that is Jesus, and you will be able to find firm ground in the deepest of crisis: He is with you always.