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5.1 Is there a Christian way to act in a crisis with an unknown outcome?

Living your faith in a time of crisis

It is easy to end up being desperate if you do not see a way out of a crisis immediately. Thankfully, our faith tells us that there is always hope. Jesus himself says over and again in the Bible: “Do not be afraid” (Mt 14:27). Even in the darkest situation, he is with us. And that makes all the difference!

In a grim situation of disaster, you can make a real difference if you spread a message of love and hope instead of the desperation that is already around you. If this message comes from your (little) faith in God, this love and hope are real. As Christians we never have to despair, for we are not alone. Even if worst comes to worst, there is still the promise of Jesus that we will be with him after this imperfect life on earth. His presence and promise can help you find strength to do what you can to fight the negative effects of the crisis with a watchful eye for especially the old and needy

In the greatest darkness, God is present with his love: he wants to give you strength to face crisis and give hope to those around you.