How to live your faith in this time of Corona crisis?

Dear friends, 

In this time of pandemic, we need each other more than ever. The COVID-19 virus works dehumanising, in the first place for the sick, but also for the healthy. People are fighting for their lives and their health in houses and hospitals, and we cannot visit them properly. In many places the situation is like here in Luxembourg: In spite of the beautiful weather, I see only individuals on the street, hurrying to their destination without a word, keeping as far away from others as possible. It is important to stay in quarantaine at this moment, in spite of the drastic effect on our social life. Thankfully there are other ways of reaching out to each other, especially online. 

At Tweeting with GOD we have received many questions related to the current crisis, and we shall search for answers with you the coming time. We hope this can be of some help as each of us has to face difficulties and find creative solutions. New questions are welcome: contact us here or on social media.

We pray for all those who suffer in the current crisis, in particular during the international daily Mass which we celebrate with our online community of volunteers based around the world. 

May God bless you!

Father Michel Remery and the Tweeting with GOD team


Living your faith in a time of crisis

5.1 Is there a Christian way to act in a crisis with an unknown outcome?

5.2 Everything is uncertain: where can I find firm ground?

5.3 How can I grow in faith now that I am forced to stay at home?

5.4 Is there a way to deal with boredom as a Christian?

5.5 How can this time of pain and suffering bring about something good?


Living the sacraments

5.6 I can’t go to Mass - Can I still receive God’s sacramental grace?

5.7 What is the difference between actual Communion and spiritual Communion?

5.8 How can I make spiritual Communion?

5.9 How can my sins be forgiven if access to a priest is impossible?

5.10 How can sacraments be distributed in an emergency?

5.11 What if someone dies without the sacraments or a funeral?


God and disaster

5.12 Is the end of the world near?

5.13 Is global suffering or crisis a punishment of God?

5.14 Is it not hypocritical to turn to God only in a crisis?

5.15 What does the Bible teach about facing a crisis?

5.16 How do Christians prepare for death?


Praying in crisis

5.17 How can I pray in a time of crisis?

5.18 Is it not better to pray instead of going to the doctor?

5.19 So many people are praying: why is there no end to disaster?

5.20 Which saints can I pray to in a crisis? Whom can I pray to in case of contagion or death?