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Vorige:1.11 Spreekt God alleen maar door de Bijbel of ook op andere manieren?
Volgende:1.13 In welke taal is de Bijbel geschreven?

1.12 Heeft God zelf de Bijbel geschreven?

De Bijbel: waar of niet waar?

De Bijbel is geschreven door verschillende mensen, die uit allerlei plaatsen en tijden kwamen. In de kern van ieder verhaal vinden we de waarheid over God.

De auteurs werden namelijk allemaal geïnspireerd door Gods Heilige Geest. Diezelfde Heilige Geest helpt de Kerk om de Bijbel te begrijpen zoals God die heeft bedoeld. 

Gods Heilige Geest inspireerde Bijbelse schrijvers uit allerlei tijden & plaatsen zodat ze zijn boodschap zonder fout in hun eigen woorden weergaven.
Uit de Wijsheid van de Kerk

Is Sacred Scripture true?

“The books of Scripture firmly, faithfully, and without error teach truth. … Written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they have God as their author.”

(Second Vatican Council, dV 11)

The Bible did not fall from heaven in its final form, nor did God dictate it to human scribes who copied it down mechanically. Rather “God chose certain men who … made full use of their own faculties and powers so that, though he acted in them and by them, it was as true authors that they consigned to writing whatever he wanted written, and no more” (second Vatican Council, DV 11). One factor in recognizing particular texts as Sacred Scripture was their general acceptance in the Church. In the Christian communities there had to be a consensus: “Yes, through this text God himself speaks to us—this is inspired by the Holy Spirit!” Which of the many original Christian writings are really inspired by the Holy Spirit has been defined since the fourth century in the so-called canon of Sacred Scriptures. [Youcat 14]

Dit zeggen de Kerkvaders

Though various ideas are taught in the several books of the Gospels, yet it makes no difference to the faith of believers, since by one sovereign Spirit all things are declared in all of them concerning the Nativity, the Passion, the Resurrection... [The Muratorian Fragment, S. p. 144-146]

The Spirit of God, who spoke through [the authors of the Bible] was unwilling to teach men things of no profit for salvation. [St. Augustine, On Genesis, Bk. 2, Chap. 9 (ML 34, 270)]